Saturday, April 30, 2011

Clairely Speaking

So not sure why we ever thought Claire was going to have speech problems because the kid can talk and comes up with the darndest things. I thought I should write a few down for posterity.

Tonight Claire was resisting sitting in her highchair for dinner, again. Once I put her tray on she looked at me, dropped her hands on the tray and said “Mommy, why do you do this EveryDay?” (and usually three times a day at that!)

The other night at Easter dinner we were talking about what everybody’s names were. Claire has been calling Mommy and Daddy by their first names some lately and has picked up on the fact that the rest of her world has another name besides the one she uses. When we got to Auntie Aiyaiy we told her her name is Alison and she responded “Alison has three humps." After we all stopped laughing I explained about the “Alice the Camel” song to everyone else. By the end of dinner Auntie Alison had her down to saying she had just one hump. I personally, would have been going for two. :)

And one of her favorite new expressions is “Are you kiddin’?” And she uses it so appropriately and slaps her arms down by her side or puts her hands on her hips. Hard not to giggle when she does it. It’s usually when I am giving instructions or changing our activity or focus. So cute, yet so scary.

Claire has started adding some of her own thoughts when we pray at meals and before bed. After praying and saying “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” She adds “and Halleluiah” and recently also started adding “and Halleluiah and the Zoo.” I guess she liked the zoo.

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