Thursday, February 12, 2009

You just call out my name . . .

. . . and you know where ever I am
I’ll come running to see you again.

Yes, yes, Claire is calling my name! Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma. This is what I get to wake up to in the morning. She doesn’t necessarily discriminate to whom she says it but she says it to ME! Her first words - and she is quite good at it. We are now working on da da da da. We think she is going to be a talker.

No more news on the rolling over front but I will be sure to keep everyone posted. It is so funny, when we have her on the floor playing everyone stands around waiting for her to perform again. We strategically place toys, stand in strange places trying to entice her to rollover once again. But has she? She has not. She just rolls back and forth and stomps her feet and exercises her vocal chords. Ma ma ma ma. Music to a mother’s ears.

This is a pic Mike took of Claire when they were done folding laundry the other day. She loves her butterfly!

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