Saturday, February 21, 2009

Party Girl

We went to Claire’s friend Kate’s 1st birthday party. Little known fact about sweet Kate, she shares a birthday with Claire’s daddy. So next Wednesday. February 25th, Kate will be turning one year old while Mike turns the big 4-0. Is it weird that my husband is turning forty? Of course it isn’t, well maybe a little . . . Anyway we had a really fun time at the party and are so happy for Kate being such a big girl.

In other news Claire showed-off at Grandma Hassler’s Friday and rolled over for her. However Grandpa Hassler missed it – must be something in the genes. (see here) Grandma Deal is anxiously awaiting her performance and Grandpa Deal is anxiously awaiting missing it. Ha ha. We’ll have more tummy time tomorrow so maybe she will practice then.

Oh yes, and Claire wanted to give a big shout out to Aunt Becky! Thanks for coming all the way from St. Louis last weekend just to see me. :)

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Jen said...

Hey there! Check my blog...left you a surprise!