Monday, February 9, 2009

Rollover Claire Elaine

Quite an eventful last couple of days. Claire rolled over tonight, she went to her first baby shower sans womb Saturday and on Sunday I guess she was cranky for a bit (she usually isn’t, really).

The Tale of the Rollover
Basically Claire has been working on rolling over for a while now. We had her on the floor in the living room while we were making our dinner and I went in to check on her. There she was on the floor; rolled up on her side - reaching for her jingle hippo. I watched the struggle, expecting her to wobble back to her backside when it happened. There she went, got her arm out from underneath her before we knew it, she was on her belly. And then I said “Oh my goodness, she just rolled over!” and Mike came yelling “What, what, what? I missed it!?!?! All of life’s major moments, I’m going to miss them, aren’t I? Roll her back over and let’s see if she does it again.” So I took jingle hippo from her and put her on her back to see if she would do it again for Daddy. What a reward for finally rolling over, eh? So we watched and strategically placed toys and ourselves to get her to do it again. Well she showed us – she didn’t do it again. See what we get for taking away the hippo?

(Yes, I didn't see Hazel until after I took the picture. I changed the diaper right after this pic)

The Baby Shower Enjoyed on the Outside
The shower was for our friends the Halls and their sweet baby Andrew. It was a post birth shower. He is three months old and growing like a weed! So cute. It was fun to see some friends and finally really celebrate his birth and coming home. We also got to see Caroline, one of Claire’s friends. They were due on the same day and were both born early but Claire was a week earlier than Caroline (and a lot bigger, surprise surprise – do we know many babies she wasn’t bigger than?) It was very cute, Claire reached out for her and Caroline reared back to take a better look. I think they will be friends for a long time.

Cranky Sunday
What can I say, Mommy is bad at keeping on the schedule and she got too over tired and got a bit/log cranky until she slept for a while and then she was smiley, happy Claire again.

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