Sunday, May 11, 2008

Waddle Waddle

I now understand why pregnant women waddle. I first thought it would come on when my belly got so big you had to hold it up by thrusting your hips forward. That may still be to come but I have to say that isn’t why I waddle right now. I waddle right now because every time I stand up and start walking it feels like my legs are going to be ripped from their sockets at any moment. It usually eases and I get going but as the day progresses it takes longer and longer to go away. No one ever tells you about all the things that you are going to go through while being pregnant. When you ask someone about something they just smile knowingly and say things like – just wait, it’ll get worse. Great! So I fear my waddle is going to get worse and my legs might actually rip right out of their sockets. But I’m sure it will be worth it. :)

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