Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memphis Trip

We went to Memphis for Memorial Day Weekend to visit Lance. We had big plans to go to the Sunset Symphony but I pooped out and we didn’t go. L Carrying around a babe in your belly 24/7 is wearing. Lance was a gem as usual he took us to Super Target and stood by while we registered and then the next day to Baby’s R Us and watched us register. That trip was longer than anticipated. Sorry Lance! That evening he made Pizza Pretzels for us – his own recipe! Monday we came home and it seemed to take FOREVER to get home – rain, distance, stopping at another Baby’s R Us, traffic, people having collisions . . . etc etc. It is good to be home but it is always good to hang out with my old pal Lance. We have been friends for almost fifteen years now. Wow! You don’t realize how much you miss old friends until you are around them again.

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