Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh the Things She Can Do

I haven’t put Claire’s growth, changes, tricks and talents on the blog in a while so I thought I better catch-up.

  • She can whistle. And has for a couple of months. She prefers to whistle to singing. Still working on singing.
  • She can hand decoratoins on the Christmas tree with the hanger or loops. AND take them off and rearrange . . .
  • Hears and airplane and sticks her fingers in her ears.
  • She can identify a bowl of baby food peas at five paces . . .
  • Fascinated with the Moon right now. Likes to look at it and if it isn’t there she asks if it is done or hiding.
  • She likes to say goodbye to the house and is very excited when we get close to the house and starts hollaring “HOME!”
  • She was holding the grocery list in the store the other day and I asked her what we needed to buy and she took a serious look at the list and said “Apples.”

Clairisms – Claire’s speech

  • If you ask Claire how she is she says “Mine, thank you.”
  • Ask Claire “Why/What are you (fill in the blank).” Claire “Know.”
  • “Hold you me.” = Hold me/You hold me
  • The other day Auntie Alison was trying to get Claire to use words to express herself and she said “Say words Claire” and Claire said “Words.”
  • “Bear” = Little Bear
  • “Mo Bear” = More Little Bear
  • “Claire do you need to potty?” Answer – “No thank you.”
  • “Peese” = Please
  • “Moon” = Spoon
  • “Pork” = Fork
  • “Dark” = Dark outside
  • When she gets upset for getting in trouble she says back “Daddy/Mommy told you!”

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Friends of Kate said...

Oh, she's getting too big!!! I love that she seriously looked at the grocery list and gave you an item! So precious! Miss y'all much!