Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

So this is a little late and will be a little incomplete, I’m afraid. Not a lot of pics were taken everywhere. 

Wednesday Night -

Mommy’s family and Daddy’s folks and Aunt Becky over for peanut soup and a yummy salad. Oh, and of course pie!

IMG_5410The Happy Hassler’s Thanksgiving picture.

IMG_5406 Deep conversation.

IMG_5407  Teach Auntie Alison not to smile for a pic. :)

Gramps was there too but the only pic I got of him looked like he was about to fall asleep . . .

Thanksgiving Afternoon -

Grandma and pa Hassler had their final Thanksgiving with all the family. They said they won’t host again . . . we’ll see. Daddy even got to come on his lunch hour since he had to work.

IMG_5412Aunt Cindy trying the cute apron on Claire she got for her

IMG_5417Daddy and Cousin Steve

IMG_5418Who else, Uncle Keith and his beloved pie

IMG_5422Cousin Blake and Claire

IMG_5429Aunt Cindy, Aunt Becky and Cousin Jacob

IMG_5427Uncle Mark, Cousin BJ and Aunt Ginger

Cousin Josh was there too but somehow I didn’t get a picture of him or Grandma or Pa. :( He’ll just have to come back for Christmas!

Thanksgiving Night -

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Auntie Alison’s. It was very good. We won’t say anything about the forgotten green bean casserole . . . Mommy left her camera at the Hassler’s and Pa brought it over but the few pics taken weren’t blog worthy. :/ So here is a cute pic taken earlier of Claire.

IMG_5425Happy Thanksgiving!

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