Thursday, July 29, 2010

Claire’s Birthday Part Deux

The Birthday Fairy came while Claire and Daddy took their nap this afternoon and installed a complete Harvest Gold Kitchen circa early 1970’s. Yep, you guessed it, Auntie Alison and Mommy cooked a lot of meals and cleaned a lot of dishes with this set. I guess we used it all up for ourselves when we were under five . . . IMG_4892 The full set including authentic era stickers. Please see Raggedy Ann – there is a Raggedy Andy on the other side.

IMG_4893 Fully stocked fridge with with same food from the ‘70s. Not sure we should eat any of that.

IMG_4894 Only the finest cookery for this kitchen. Corningware and Revere ware all intact (sort of).

IMG_4895Modern sink with towel rack and storage.

IMG_4896 Including garbage disposal.

IMG_4899This girlie loved it and felt right at home. She is already reorganizing.


And she has already found something refreshing to drink from her refrigerator. 

Happy Birthday Claire Elaine!

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