Friday, July 30, 2010

Claire’s 2nd Birthday Part 3

In the afternoon Grandma and pa Deal (Grammy and Gramps) came over for some cake and presents.

IMG_4906 Gramps being silly (and holding Claire’s beloved Duck and Little bear).

IMG_4908Claire having fun opening a package.

IMG_4913 Taking a moment to play with her new ocean puzzle.

IMG_4917So Chef Claire got her oven mitt on and we said “Wave your hand!” And well, she waved a hand, I guess she should have been more specific.

IMG_4923 A pretty typical quick family shot.

IMG_4926 Claire and her cupcake.

IMG_4930 What’s a post without this Claire face?

IMG_4934 Trying other means . . .

IMG_4935 Taking a moment.

IMG_4936 Finger licking good!

IMG_4937Delighted to get to eat the cupcake with a fork.

IMG_4939 Taking another rest.

IMG_4942Contemplating her birthday party and cupcake feast.

Happy Birthday Claire Elaine!


Anonymous said...

She is so cute.

Friends of Kate said...

Too cute! I love those faces!!!