Monday, June 14, 2010

Cousin Thor’s Stay

Cousin Thor came to stay with us because Auntie Alison had to go to Las Vegas for the two weeks a year for the Air National Guard. We had a lot of fun but for some reason didn’t take many pictures. But here are a few . . .

IMG_4589Claire and Thor playing. Claire decided to take some pictures of Thor. Glad she remembered . . . (and don’t mention the boxes – they are the last of them)

IMG_4585The baby bird Thor found and saved from Hazel’s curiosity.

image Thor and Hazel sharing a moment.

IMG_4590Thor ready to leave for Boy Scout Camp!

Thor helped out a lot this week. He played with Hazel a lot. Read nighttime stories, played tea party, dolls and Thomas (trains) with Claire, watered, and anything else I asked. He is a good kid. We loved having Thor here for the week and can’t wait to see him when he gets home from camp. We hope he has fun!

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