Sunday, March 7, 2010

When Winter Texans Come to Visit

Uncle John and Aunt Pat came through town on their way back to northern Illinois from their annual two month stay in southern Texas. They are what folks call “Winter Texans” or “Smart” for getting out of northern Illinois for a couple of months each winter.

IMG_3542 Claire saying good night their first night here.

IMG_3555 Claire and Uncle John

IMG_3557Claire and Aunt Pat

IMG_3562Grammy, Gramps, Uncle John & Aunt Pat

IMG_3566The four above with Auntie Alison, Claire and Mommy
Cousin Thor was kind enough to take the pic and Daddy was at work :(

It was great to see them and we hope to go visit them sometime this summer. Who knows, maybe we’ll be Summer Illinoisans.

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