Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate!

As many of you may know, Claire’s friend, Kate McCormick turned two on the 25th (that’s right, the same date as Daddy’s birthday). So we went to her Elmo Birthday party on Saturday.


We’re going to a Birthday Party!


Here is Kate and her Mommy (Jill) about to blow out her candle and make a wish. (notice everyone wearing an Elmo t-shirt? Even baby Paige had on Elmo. So fun.)


Claire eating some of the Elmo cake, because it is food, she wasn’t really into the sweet icing part of it.


Kate and Claire played a very intense game of Claire pick up the piece of carpet, Kate throw it down, Claire pick it up again etc etc. And there were A LOT of hugs from Kate thrown in. (wish that would rub off on Claire . . . and of course Mommy didn’t get a single one on film . . . sigh)


Now they want Mommy to join in on the fun.

And Claire didn’t know why Hazel was there outside and yelling at her. (this is Bela, their “sportier” version of Hazel)

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