Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Date Playing Sailors

You know it is going to be a really fun time when the playdate start in jammies. Great minds think alike.

They are really starting to play with each other instead of just around each other.

And there is nothing like someone else liking your mommy and playing with her to get a boy's attention.

After a lot of good playing and fun. The mommy's decided it was time to play dress-up and try to take a few pics . . . Let the mayhem begin . . .

This is probably the best pic of the bunch. Looks like Claire is definitely related to Great-Grandma Deal.

And this is the best shot with their hats on. Again, thank goodness for bloomers.

That didn't last long . . .

Eric: "Let's get the party started!"
Claire: "The what?"

Eric: "What is your daddy doing over there?"
Claire: "The usual, he's silly."

Claire: "This was fun."
Eric: "Yes, but let's not tell anybody about it. I have a reputation to uphold and 'plays dress-up' isn't part of it."

And we're done . . .

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and I love watching her grow up. I am off to Girl Scout camp tomorrow and so I probably won't get to look at her blog for a couple of months. Enjoy your summer!