Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just call her Snaggletooth . . .

Sweet sweet Claire Elaine hasn’t been so sweet this week. She hasn’t made it through a night without out a crying spell or just waking and hollering out and going back to sleep. This is reminding Mommy and Daddy of earlier days - like the first month when she didn’t go to sleep until four a.m. ugh . . . we aren’t used to this stuff. Luckily it isn’t that bad but still . . . I miss sleeping through the night, not only for me but for her too. Anywho, we think she is teething. We know she has a new tooth this week and can’t help but think there is another on the way. During the day she isn’t too bad, except not wanting to take a bottle, argh, but is otherwise her happy self for the most part. Poor kid. Anyway we are calling her Snaggletooth (not really) because it is on the top but not one of the middle two incisors, it is instead a side incisor on the right. Where are the middle ones !?!?!?

Anyway I haven’t gotten any photos of her new tooth but here is a weird one that I finally caught on film. As you all know, Claire likes/has to taste everything – including the pack and play. I catch her running her tongue on it from time to time and staring out to the other side. Today I finally got a pic – WARNING – It isn’t pretty!

I told you it wasn't pretty . . .

So here is something cute from the other day of playing ball.

And here is one that I took last Thursday when that big storm came through. This is the calm AFTER the storm on our back steps.

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tfeathe said...

love the pics, esp Claire tasting the netting! That's prcious!!