Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another Weekend with a Monkey

The week after we had Chester we got Jake. Yep, two weekends in a row. Woop-de-do. Let me tell ya, there is a lot more interest and participation the first week. The second week in a row in kind of a miss.

Jake’s fun weekend with the The Happy Hasslers!


We had a great time with Jake this past weekend. He really likes to monkey around. He was a lot of fun! Jake was a bit wilder than our guest last weekend, Chester. He sure liked to climb and really liked to hang around.


Jake really liked having waffles with Alec and his sister, Claire. On Saturday mornings they get to eat breakfast in the living room and watch cartoons!

clip_image006Jake really likes talking on the banana. He talked to his grandma and grandpa and all of his sisters and brothers. We aren’t sure who gets the banana bill but we sure hope he was calling collect!


clip_image010Grammy is in the hospital because she hurt her leg and needs to have some medicine. So Grampy has been coming for dinner in the evenings because he is spending all of his time at the hospital and wants to see us and have a yummy meal. He and Jake got along really well.

clip_image008What a great weekend we had together. Alec’s sound asleep in bed and Jake’s still monkeying around. We’ll see who’s ready for school in the morning!

See you next time!
The Happy Hasslers!

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