Saturday, February 1, 2014

Alec’s Christmas Program

I asked the teacher if I should bring Alec to the program since he only came once a week hence practicing once a week. And she said “Oh, please do, he is one of our best singers.” So the proud Mommy I am, I made sure he was there and everyone came to watch. Sooooo . . .


This is the only picture we have. After this picture everything fell apart. He saw his entourage and started crying for them. I was working that day but stepped in to watch him and he was crying and carrying on and Daddy went up front close by but Alec wasn’t having it. Daddy gave the camera to a friend that did nothing with it. So in front of everyone, I took off my apron and sat with him in my lap with his class and sang “Jingle Bells” while Alec hollered for Daddy some and at least quit crying and carrying on. Then they had us sing again and he still wasn’t liking it. But hopefully it kept him from spoiling everyone else's performance. When we were done, I left him with everyone else and went back to work. Next year Daddy gets to sing with them. Merry Christmas!

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