Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh the Things We Have Been Doing

Which seems to not include blogging . . . so true what they say about the second child and pictures . . . Anyway, lets see if we can get caught up. While we have been busy, it has been too busy to be too interesting or much out of our routine.

IMG_2672Mommy knitted Claire a Market Bag and she got to take it to the Farmer’s Market.


Alec got a Veggie Tales CD from his sweet godmother, Cristin, for the anniversary of his Baptism.


Alec thought he hit the jackpot!


Playing the the very cold pool.


And it was raining to boot. Daddy is such a good Daddy.


Much nicer after we left it out covered up.


Daddy said the water was perfect this time!
Claire kicked her feet and Alec stuck his face in the water. Mommy soaked her feet. It was a lot of fun!

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