Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Day in the Garden

Well Mommy and Daddy finally got the vegetable garden ready to plant and Claire got home just in time to do just that.

IMG_4298Claire getting instructions from Daddy.

IMG_4302Claire plants her first beans.

IMG_4313So careful.

IMG_4306Time to water. She watered herself more than the plants. But what did we expect?

IMG_4322Grandma helping out.

IMG_4323Grandpa and Uncle Gene came too!

IMG_4293 Time for “Monster Hands” with gloves!

IMG_4338 Claire helped Mommy plant the flower seeds for the cutting garden.

IMG_4337She did such a good job!

Post gardening fun . . .

IMG_4332Alternate form of transportation . . .

IMG_4329Favorite form of transportation.

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