Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cultural Weekend

Well the baby had quite a culture filled weekend. German was the main theme but we wrapped it up with some Italian. Friday night we went to see The Producers downtown and it was great. (For those of you who don't know, a large part of it is poking fun at Hitler) I saw it in New York last time I was there but Mike and the rest of the family had not seen it. Thorsen Patrick didn't get half of it (thankfully) but he decided that Ms. Taylor, his science teacher, would fill in the gaps. Good Luck Ms. Taylor!

Saturday morning was an Herbal Adventure on Teas. (the leader of this H.A. was our resident German – more German culture). I made tea the entire time and was exhausted by the time it was over. I took at two and half hour nap afterwards.

Saturday night we went to Taliano's with my folks to one of their "Emmy's" nights. Emmy's was a German restaurant in town that went out of business for one reason or another and they were testing out the cuisine to see what kind of interest there would be if they brought it back. Evidently it was popular but we never went and Saturday night I found out why. I don't believe I am much of a fan of German food. I didn't particularly care for most of it when I was over there as a teen and didn't really care for it Saturday night. We did have a very nice evening of dining but I wouldn't choose that particular cuisine again. The pork sausage in the appetizer was the best part – the whole two bites!

And we wrapped up culture fest weekend on Sunday night at the I.C. Spaghetti Supper. We went with Mom and Dad Hassler and Uncle Gene. It was a nice event as always, more my kind of eats too. Spaghetti and mushrooms. Yum! And an ice cream sandwich for dessert. I think the baby liked this night the best too, not that I can feel it but I can only assume.

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